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January 7, 2016

Two Doors Are Closed. Which Will You Choose?

If you lived in a make-believe world, you would be a contestant on the game show, Let’s Make a Deal, and the game show host, Monty Hall, would tell
you there is a prize behind one of the two doors, and then ask you to choose which door to open. You have a dilemma. A two-door dilemma. You have
a fifty percent chance of making the right choice. You want to receive the prize so you have to make a wise choice. But because this is make-believe, it
really won’t matter if you make a reckless choice.

But you don’t live in a make-believe world, so your choices in life do matter. The wrong choice of “door” will yield unfortunate—and eternal—

You will want to make certain you have opened the right door before the coming paradigm shift.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture is near, very close at hand, and only the faithful—the people who have made the right choice of door, the people who
have repented, opened the door to their  hearts, and received Jesus as their personal Savior—will be lifted, in a thousandth of a second, out of the world
soon to be plunged in darkness.

What will happen after Jesus takes His followers to Heaven with Him (the Rapture)?

Institutions will breakdown. Banks will collapse. The stock market will nosedive. Airplanes will fall out of the sky. Vehicles will crash on the roads.
Trains will derail. Governments, in all countries, on all levels, will disintegrate. Families will be ripped apart. There will be mass chaos, confusion,
terror, anguish, misery, anger, threats, danger, pestilences, climatic upheavals, and…judgment.

We are living in the end times. God has warned us about these end times in His Holy Word, the Bible. These end times will deepen and darken. The
contrast between the doors of light and dark, heaven and the world, belief in God and joining the ranks of the enemy of our souls, will become more
distinct, more definitive. You must choose a door.

While the world will scoff, either silently or brazenly, “God’s words will always prove true and right, no matter who questions them.” (Romans 3:4
Living Bible)

God is not a figment of wishful thinking or superstitious claptrap. He is the great I AM who has no need for sleep, meal breaks, or vacations. We can
approach Him, anytime, anywhere, with all our dirty sin baggage. “God says He will accept and acquit us—declare us “not guilty”—if we trust Jesus
Christ to take away our sins.” (Romans 3:22 Living Bible)


God showed His grace, love, and mercy to us—rebellious, alienated, and undeserving creatures—by providing His Son, Jesus Christ, the Perfect and
Sinless Sacrifice—to pay the price of payment for human sin and secure our release from the bondage of satan. But only the people who trust in God’s
promise of forgiveness and salvation—the ones who have chosen the right door—will be rescued by Him from this world soon to be plunged into evil

Time is short, shorter than you think. Now is the time to choose the right door. Your decision will echo throughout eternity. Get right with God
or…get left behind.

Which door will you choose?